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A community of entrepreneurs

We are a community of entrepreneurs who share a common goal- to build successful companies


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We enjoy sharing and discussing ideas to help you find an idea for your startup. We listen to everyone's ideas, since there is no such thing as a bad idea- only bad execution!

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Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting your journey, we are happy to provide advice, resources and suggestions to support you in your journey.

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We love looking at your projects and providing both positive feedback and potential improvements. We will provide our honest thoughts and help you improve your product through gaining valuable insight from many other people.

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We have a variety of opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs, join existing startups, co-found companies with others or simply discuss ideas. As a large community from a variety of backgrounds, we have numerous opportunities for you to meet other fellow entrepreneurs or inspire each other!

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We provide you with support and encouragement. Entrepreneurship is extremely challenging yet rewarding. You are not alone. We are here to support and encourage each other- we are a community of entrepreneurs!

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How to find a startup idea

Fail hard and to fail fast. Stop thinking about starting a startup and just start one! Build a startup fast- if it fails then great! You can try again after failing and learning from your mistakes.


How To Grow Your Startup Without Burning Yourself Out

Starting a start-up can be exciting, challenging, morale building and frustrating all at the same time. But, if you want to build something that will grow into a successful business, you have to find a way to grow your start-up without burning yourself out. Here are some tips.

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Top 5 Tech Jobs ✨

As the world develops at a speed faster then ever before jobs have to keep up in order for the world to continue at this rate. Getting a job in tech can be hard but we're here to help. Here are 5 interesting ideas for your next job in tech!

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